Tennant 1510 Battery Automatic Extractor - 21 Gal.

Tennant 1510 Battery Automatic Extractor - 21 Gal.

Item # TEN-614002

  • New, sleek and extremely easy to use. By pressing one button & twisting the handle grips, everything happens automatically.
  • Vacuum Shoe Width: 22"
  • Spray Pattern Width: 21"
  • Solution/Recovery Capacity: 21 Gal./21 Gal.
21 Gal., ea
Alternate #614002

Just choose the cleaning mode, twist the handle grips and start cleaning.


  • Features the "cord free" operation and dual vacuum motor for great recovery.
  • Perfect for cleaning medium to large areas of carpet like hallways and meeting rooms.
  • Both front and rear solution fill ports allow the machine to back or drive forward to the fill station.
  • The recovery tank cover assures a great seal and is easily removable.
  • The brush deck raises for easy transport and access to the brush.
  • Constructed to high Tennant durability standards for years of worry-free operation.
  • Extremely easy to use controls allow the operator to start cleaning with the touch of only one button.
  • The extractor head and vacuum shoe automatically lowers at the start of operation and raises when machine goes in reverse. It easily clears the threshold during transportation.


  • Brush Width: 19"
  • Solution Pump Pressure: 100 psi
  • Solution Flow: 1 gpm
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